The Father Who Eliminates Shame

The Father Who Eliminates Shame

Here’s one of my recent posts, featured last June on the “True Woman” blog–a ministry of Revive Our Hearts.  It was a rainy Saturday afternoon. I sent my college roommates to the dining hall without me because I wanted the dorm room to myself...

The Un-plowed Driveway

We don’t have a snow-blower. My husband says, “Why would we have a snow-blower, when we have three healthy kids who need to learn to work?” So while other kids are inside sipping hot chocolate to get out of the cold, my husband is sending our kids...

Am I Safe, Mom?

by: Michelle Loveless”Sing the drums go BOOM! Mom!” begs my two year old son at bedtime. Our rather unusual routine started a while ago, when I noticed that Henrik would cling to me in fear whenever I would begin singing my usual lullaby. It was his cue...

The Prodigal’s Sister

There’s a story Jesus told about two brothers–one who disgraced his Father by running off with an early inheritance, and the other, who stayed behind dutifully slaving away, but was just as distant from his Father’s heart. The story is about both...

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