“It’s not a competition.”

As I strolled through the room of tables, which were all decorated and ready for our ladies’ Christmas event that evening, I heard someone say, “It’s not a competition.”Of course we were all aware that no one was scoring or ranking the tables,...

A Big Moment for Me (38 years ago)

I was in kindergarten, and our music teacher had gathered the class to sit at her feet. She hummed a series of notes and asked, “Did those go up or down?”In unison, the class answered, “Dooooown.”But the teacher responded, “Which one of...

Sam I Am Not

Thanks to Katie Wassink, from Fruitful Vine Wife for guest blogging today.I have a friend named Samantha who goes by the nickname of Sam.We have been walking together through the same season of life for nearly 4 years now.  Our first children were born hours apart,...

Smell My Feet?

Halloween is the time of year my boys dress up like a Cowboy and Zorro and pose with their weapons pointed at each other, big smiles on their faces, so I can take pictures. Even my daughter, who is in high school still dresses up and goes out with her friends to...

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