My (lacking) Bedside Manners

My bedside manners aren’t very good. Especially when I’m the one in bed. Oh how I remember those nights, when out of a sound slumber, I would feel the hot breath on my cheek, then hear a little voice in the darkness say,  “Mom… Mommy?...

So there I was. Dangling.

Our attic is above the garage. To get there, you have to go up through an opening in the garage ceiling. To get there, you use a ladder, then climb onto the refrigerator (which we have strategically placed under the opening), then climb in. It’s kind of a...

Her Uber-Controlling MIL

Recently, when I spoke on ‘Control Girl’, there was a young mom, eyes brimming with tears, who came up afterward to tell me a woeful tale about her uber-controlling MIL. I listened incredulously, thinking, “Really? Could this woman truly be that horrible...

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