Her Uber-Controlling MIL

Recently, when I spoke on ‘Control Girl’, there was a young mom, eyes brimming with tears, who came up afterward to tell me a woeful tale about her uber-controlling MIL. I listened incredulously, thinking, “Really? Could this woman truly be that horrible...

Diapers and Ponytails: A Journal Entry from 2005

Journal entry from 2005Oh, Lord, I am so full of sin and I’m so tired of it. I’ve lost my temper with all three kids already this morning, and It’s only 8:10 a.m.Cade pulled his diaper apart and wanted me to change him and he kept whining over and...

I Was Mad Because We Were Late

It was Saturday morning–the only morning of the week which held the possibility of sleeping in. But rather than hugging my pillow, I was gripping the steering wheel, frantically scanning unfamiliar old buildings for an address which matched the brochure in my...

Knoxville, TN is not a nice place.

Trying to be efficient, Ken dropped us off at Wendy’s to get food while he went to fill the tank. As we piled out, Cole said, “Dad, can I grab my bag in back?” It was much warmer here than in KY, several hours ago, and he wanted to change. But as...

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