Once, when my son Cole was three, I talked to him about stranger-danger. I told him that there are strangers who drive through neighborhoods like ours, looking for little boys to steal. I said that even if someone offered him candy, he must always stay away from strangers.
Cole listened with big, serious eyes. 
Then, I decided to test him. I said, “Ok, Cole. Let’s say a man pulls over and says, ‘If you get in my car, I’ll give you candy!’ What will you say?”
Cole thought about this for a moment, then with all the earnestness he could muster, he told me, “Well…. I would say…., ‘Can I have the whole bag?’”
I told him that’s exactly why he needed to stay beside me for the next five years!
Three-year-old Cole didn’t think it was possible for one of the bad guys to offer candy. Good guys give candy. Not bad guys! I used to shudder, picturing him riding out of town in somebody’s back seat with a big ‘ole bag of candy in his lap! 
The child just didn’t know what was good for him. But he was convinced he did. 
Oh, how I can relate to that. In the moment, I’m so convinced that it’s going to be ok if I ignore God’s warnings about indiscipline, worldly entertainment, gossip, complaining, or a short fuse. How could the bad guy possibly be offering these sweet options? But when I ignore the warnings of my Father, I’m setting myself up for deception and entrapment. 
Oh, that my people would listen to me, 
that Israel would walk in my ways.
Psalm 81:13

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