If you’re one of the people who has written me, saying, “Hey, will there be an audio version of your book coming out?”, I wanted to let you know… IT’S HERE!

I got to be the Control Girl audio book narrator, which was so fun. And also hard work! I have new respect for professional narrators!

Reading my book out loud was also a sobering experience. I hadn’t read all the way through since it’s release and there were many moments, while reading, when I sensed the Holy Spirit convicting me, saying, “You wrote this… do you believe it? Are you living it?”

You might hear a little of that emotion in my voice from time to time, as I read.

But here’s what you won’t hear: Not even the slightest bump of my water bottle, tap on my music stand, or truck rumble in the background. And why won’t you hear these things? Because my producer, Roy Wallace of River City Studios, was amazing! He was incredibly patient with my newby self, and produced an excellent quality resource… for you!

You can purchase the Control Girl audio book wherever books are sold, including here on my site. But at the moment, by far the cheapest place to get the book is at my audio publisher, ChristianAudio.com! For a limited time, Go to ChristianAudio.com and use the coupon code: CONTROL.


But what’s better than a $4.99 download? A FREE download! If you like #freebies, you’ve come to the right place. I’m giving away THREE Downloads this week!

For your chance to win, tell me WHEN or WHERE or WHY you like to listen to audio books. I’ll select a winner on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday so please share with your friends! Use #ControlGirl if you’re posting a link.

To win a FREE Control Girl audio book, tell me WHEN or WHERE or WHY you like to listen to audio books! I'm giving away free downloads all week. #ControlGirl Click To Tweet

Thanks for celebrating with me! So excited about this new opportunity to share Control Girl with you, out loud!

Tired of trying to

control it all?

 The Control Girl bonuses

will help you find peace, security, & joy

in surrendering control to God.  

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