Here’s a re-post with a post script that really made me laugh:

A couple years ago, there was a new administrative assistant in my husband’s area at work.  Ken had been introduced to her several times, but he’s not always great with names.

He stopped by her desk and asked, “Hey, can I leave this with you?  Thanks, Laverne.”  Then he hesitated, second guessing himself, and asked, “Or…is it…Shirley?”

Laverne was not amused. But what happened yesterday at Costco made the story even more amusing to me!

Ken was out running an errand for me, when woman stopped him in the parking lot and said, “Hey, didn’t I work with you at Amway?”

She was wearing a hat and scarf, and Ken didn’t really recognize her, but trying to be polite he said, “Oh, yeah… Isn’t your name Lori?”

She said, “No. I’m Laverne.”

Boy, we are prone to the same mistakes, aren’t we?! Aren’t you glad God keeps his promises based on his own track record, and not ours??

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