I had all three kids with me in a huddled heap on the couch, watching a you tube video on my laptop. (We thought this video, of Taylor Mason was hilarious, by the way.)

Suddenly, I realized that my contact had popped out while I was rubbing my eye. With overlapping kids, the laptop, and several blankets, I panicked. “Nobody, move!” I said, and hit pause, freezing Taylor in the middle of a joke. I told the kids to very carefully look for my contact lens without moving a muscle. It could be on somebody’s sleeve, stuck on the keyboard… anywhere!

After a few minutes of staring down at ourselves, Cade asked, “What’s a contact?” We tried to explain that it is a tiny round piece of plastic that goes in your eye, but he couldn’t picture it. So I popped my other one out to show him. He was fascinated.

By the grace of God, Lindsay found the missing contact, hiding in the fold of a blanket. Soon, I had both contacts cleaned and back in business. 

Then Cade asked, “Mommy, can you pop one of mine out, so I can see it?”

I said, “Oh! Honey, you don’t have contacts in your eyes.”

He said, “Oh, I don’t? People aren’t born with them?”

Nope. People aren’t born with them. We are born with a warped way of looking at God, ourselves, and the world. But the pages of Scripture are the only corrective lenses that can help us see clearly.

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