Yesterday, Mrs. Gavette (Cade’s Sunday School teacher) told me that Cade had announced, “I have something important to tell the class.” She said Cade’s announcement had been a great addition to the lesson, and pointed to a little figure on the white board with a black heart.

The black heart! Cade has been talking a lot about his black heart at home. And since I was pretty sure he hasn’t been reading Romans (…’their foolish hearts were darkened’–Rom. 1:21), I wondered where he had picked up this imagery. Saturday night, Cade had said, “I know that my heart is dark, and it’s just filling up with more and more sin, and I think tonight would be a good night to ask Jesus to be my Savior, and give me a new heart.”

And on Sunday morning, he was telling the world that he is a Christian.

I’m so glad that we didn’t call it quits on Saturday. It had been a night full of blackness at the Popkin house. I had been engrossed in a project, dinner was late, and everyone was hungry, grumpy, and short-tempered (mostly me). Ken said it didn’t seem like the right time to finish up our little book on salvation with the kids. But I said it seemed like the perfect time. We had just illustrated our need for salvation so well!

We began our Bible time with an apology from me, and ended it with our precious boy finding grace at the cross. I think God wanted to show us that the cure for a blackened heart isn’t (thank goodness!) a perfect home. It’s Jesus.

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