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Here’s what I saw, when I came downstairs yesterday morning. He looks pretty innocent, right? Sweet, even—in a manly sort of way (the man, not the puppy!).

But somehow, I saw it all differently, yesterday morning…

“Why can’t you use a plate when you’re eating graham crackers over here? You have crumbs all over…”

It’s the first thing I said to him. Truly! The very first thing that morning. And then, I said:

“And you’re not using a coaster! Do you even care if you ruin this table?”

And then:

“And why is my snow baby pushed to the side again?! Does your elbow have to go in that exact spot?”


“And why in the world is this fire place so hot?! What in the world?! You’re going to melt these Christmas lights in the garland!”

It’s embarrassing to share this with you, but all of these things tumbled out of my mouth within the first minute of me entering the room. THE FIRST MINUTE. And that’s when I realized…

The Christmas Control Girl was BACK.

Every year, when I get the house decorated, it’s like some switch is flipped inside of me. Suddenly I feel like it’s all up to me to make everything look right and taste right and turn out right. I have these heightened ideals – even on a random Tuesday morning. What exactly do I want?


I want control, and I often use my words to get it. In my efforts to make this the “most wonderful time of the year” I inevitably make it the worst for everyone, myself included. That is, unless I do the gritty uphill work of surrendering control to God.

2020 has taught us something about that, hasn’t it? But I think there’s more work to do. So I’m inviting you to join me for the new and updated FIVE C Christmas Challenge. Over the next couple of weeks leading up to Christmas, this will be our goal:

  • no criticizing
  • no complaining
  • no correcting
  • no condemning
  • no comparing

Control-Craving Words

As you can see, we’ll mostly be eliminating words. Or attitudes behind words.

As you know, words are powerful. Solomon, the man who was given God’s wisdom, wrote this:

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue,

and those who love it will eat its fruits.” (Prov. 18:21).

Do you want to breathe life (not death) into those you love this Christmas? Do you want to produce good fruit with your words? Do you want to enjoy the sweetness of good relationships? If so, join me for this challenge and we’ll work toward those goals together.

Here’s what the challenge involves:

  • Print out the reminder cards (they’ll come in your first email).
  • Pray for God’s help each day.
  • Invite a friend to pray for you (or join you!)
  • Choose “Five C Free” words throughout the challenge
  • Report in. Let someone (or me!) know how you’re doing, and what God is showing you.
  • EXTRA: Join me for some Facebook live chats if you’re interested (you’ll get an email)
  • EXTRA: You can follow on my Instagram or Facebook story– I’ll be sharing some extra encouragement there.
  • EXTRA: If God uses this challenge in some amazing way, and you want to share on Facebook or Instagram, please tag me!
  • EXTRA: Please add #FiveCChallenge when you share this challenge so I can encourage you!

That’s it. Are you in? Here’s a link. And don’t just go it alone. I suggest you invite a friend or your small group to join you!

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