Are you a woman who…

  • Loves to make things turn out right?
  • Often feels driven to take or keep control?
  • Sometimes says things you shouldn’t?

Is any of this particularly true at Christmas?? If so, please consider joining me for…

The Five C {Christmas} Challenge

Now, I know. It’s that time of the year that your list is at its longest, and your patience is at its thinnest. But that’s why this challenge is so important! We want to be women who bless our loved ones; not burden them. We want to bring Christmas cheer, not Christmas control.

So here’s the challenge. For the next 25 days over the Christmas season, let’s abstain from using words to Criticize, Complain, Correct, Condemn or Compare.  Instead of trying to use our words to get control, let’s remind ourselves that God already IS in control!

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Again, to sign up, go here.

This Christmas, let’s remember that God is in control – which means we don’t have to be!

Thanks so much to Hilma Conklin for sharing the “5 C’s” with me. 

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