Were You A Christmas Control Girl?

With Christmas just behinds us, perhaps it’s a good time to consider whether we behaved like a Control Girl this year. For me, Christmas often brings out the worst. Every year, when I flip the calendar to December, I get caught up in making Christmas turn out...

Reflections on Surrender

Just in time for Christmas! Reflections on Surrender is an adult coloring book, filled with truth about control, ourselves, and God–messages that closely correlate with my soon-to-be released book, Control Girl. While you don’t have to work through the...

I Returned His Christmas Gift

(An updated repost from 2013).  I was a new wife. He was my new husband. And I returned his Christmas gift. It was a jewelry box–one of those big wooden ones–and he spent a fortune on it. But he encouraged me to take it back if I didn’t really like...

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