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39 Cards

Feel free to use these downloadable 4×6 cards however you like: print, pin, save, or share! On social media, please use #controlgirl.

Each of the 39 cards coordinates with a particular lesson from Control Girl: Lessons on Surrendering Your Burden of Control from Seven Women in the Bible. You can use the cards without the book, and you can work through the book without the cards, but they do complement each other nicely.

The “Sampler Pack” is a set of Shannon’s favorite meditations, taken from various lessons in the book. You can purchase a “Sampler Set” here.

If you would like to place a high volume order for entire sets of cards, please contact us, using the form below; we would be happy to discuss this possibility.

Apart from the sampler set, the cards are arranged by chapter. You can find them for download either by using the drop down menu, or the following links:

Sampler Pack

(Chapter 1) Control Girl to Jesus Girl

(Chapter 2) Eve

(Chapter 3) Sarah

(Chapter 4) Hagar

(Chapter 5) Rebekah

(Chapter 6) Leah

(Chapter 7) Rachel

(Chapter 8) Miriam

(Chapter 9) Control Girl to Jesus Girl

The “Why” behind the Cards:

We’re often quite willing to say things like…

“God is in control!”

“I know that’s out of my control…”

“I know I can’t control this.”

But then, after saying these things, we live like we’re the ones in control, not God. We behave as though it’s all up to us to make things turn out right! We act like Control Girls.

These cards are meant to help build a bridge between what we say we believe and the way we actually live.

It’s nearly impossible to stop rising panic, anxiety, or anger in the heat of the moment. We have to back up and retrain our hearts beforehand to respond correctly to the things we’d like to control. We have to go into the day with truth freshly renewed in my mind, having meditated on truths which help settle our hearts. Things like:

  • God is in control.
  • He sees me.
  • He is good.
  • God will not abandon me.

Then, when we face situations which would ordinarily send us into a Control Girl tailspin our hearts more readily fly to the truth.

Tips For Using the Cards

  • Read the card aloud, slowly, looking for one thing you’ve never noticed before.
  • Consider this truth from God’s perspective. What does he want you to know about Him today?
  • Think about whether your life has demonstrated this truth in the past 24 hours.
  • Anticipate how this truth might inform your speech, actions, and reactions today.
  • Choose one phrase to memorize and take with you into the rest of today. Make a plan to repeat this phrase several times today.
  • Picture yourself responding to something as though this was true. Pray that it might be so.

Truth is what turns us from Control Girls into Jesus Girls. Not just truth that we are willing to say, but truth that we truly believe!

A Note from Shannon

Dear Recovering Control Girl:

Thanks again for your commitment to truth. I hope that these cards are an encouragement to you in your journey from Control Girl to Jesus Girl. If they are helpful, I’d love to hear your story. Feel free to use the form below, or email me at

Blessings to you! 🙂