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Dear Retreat Planner,

Thanks for all of the ways you serve the Lord by serving your group. I’m so excited that you’re considering me as a speaker! I’d love to partner with you in ministry, and my hope in providing the resources below is to lighten your load a bit. If there’s something you would like, but don’t see, please contact me. I’m happy to help in whatever way I can.


Retreat Summary:

Women struggle with control. We have this insatiable desire to make everything turn out right and we’re willing to do what it takes to create the “happy ending” we’ve got all worked out in our heads. But ironically, when we clamp down on our own nearsighted version of how things should go, we often create strife and misery instead of the security, peace, and joy we envision—both for ourselves and our loved ones.

But there’s good news. No woman has to be a Control Girl. In this retreat setting, Shannon will help you get perspective on control, yourself, and God. You’ll leave with practical steps for loosening your sweaty grip on life’s “controller” and laying it in the big, wise hands of the One who truly is in control.

Retreat Options & Summaries:

Retreat Reasources

Here are some options for you, as you plan your retreat. All are available to you, but completely optional. Contact Shannon for more details.

Retreat Booklet

Feel free to use any of the following FREE printable resources, as you plan your retreat:

Guided Prayer Stations

Please feel free to print these out and use to set up “stations” for women to use in a self-guided prayer time. You might want to print on cardstock, then fold them in half to create a “sign”. Read the instructions, and gather the supplies for each station ahead of time. Some groups like to play worship music softly in the background, dim the lights, and use candles (or flameless candles) for ambiance.

Promotion Templates, Art Work, and Bio Information:

Artwork for booklet, etc:

Slides for Promotion:

Facebook event header template:

8 1/2 x 11 flyer template:

Facebook post template:

Control Girl 2 x 4 stickers:

Shannon’s Bio:

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