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Here’s a convenient place to find some of the things that you might be looking for… Hope these are an encouragement to you!

Coloring Book

Reflections on Surrender is a coloring book companion to Control Girl.


 While you don’t have to work through the Bible study to enjoy the coloring book, the two compliment each other nicely! With original artwork by Janyre Tromp (who, by the way, was also the editor for Control Girl), this book is filled with reminders that God is in control, so we don’t have to be.

Janyre and I hope that as you add color and design to the artwork, you’ll also soak your heart in the truth on the page.

Get more information and a peek inside here. You can purchase on Amazon, or here at ControlGirl.com.

Meditation Cards

Each of these 39 cards coordinates with a particular lesson from Control Girl. 


You can use the cards without the book and vice versa, but they compliment each other beautifully. Please let the women in your group that these cards are available for FREE download here.

Also, I have compiled a “Sampler Pack” of my favorite meditations, taken from various lessons in the book. This set is available for purchase here.

For more information, tips on using the cards, and links to each individual chapter’s cards, go here


Leader's Guide

A companion Leader’s Guide is available for free download here.


This Leader’s Discussion Guide is intended as a companion to my Bible study, Control Girl, and will be helpful for both small and large group leaders.

Find a full selection of Leader materials, click here.

Control Girl Quiz

Take or share the Control Girl Quiz! 


The Control Girl Quiz is a great non-threatening way to introduce your mom, sister, friend, or aunt to the message of Control Girl! But here’s a suggestion: Send the quiz to a whole group of friends, so nobody feels singled out. (It just works better that way.)

You can take the Control Girl Quiz online here.

Sign up here to have the follow-up Quiz Blog Series delivered to your inbox each week.

Or you can print out the quiz for yourself or your group here

Control Girl to Jesus Girl Series

Real life stories of transformation. 


The stories told in this blog series are from real live women like you, who faced things they wanted to control but couldn’t. These women have struggled through fear, anxiety, anger, and frustration to work through in an ongoing way. But in the end, they have found that control doesn’t bring the peace, joy, and security they long for. These gifts are the result of surrender.

I hope that as you read these stories, you’ll be inspired, as I have been. I hope that you’ll consider the ways God is inviting you to a path that leads from Control Girl to Jesus Girl.

Read their stories here

Circle Questions

A free resource for Small Group Leaders.


Download your free set of Circle Questions here.

Women don’t join a small group because they want to show off their new scarf or nail polish color. They come because they want to be part of something. They want to pour the contents of their hearts into a circle of friends who will lean forward with interest, laugh at their funny stories, and cry over their heartaches. They want to know and be known.

But as a leader (either officially or not) in your group, how do you help make this connecting happen?

The answer: questions. Really, really good questions. I call them Circle Questions because as you go around the circle answering questions, you’re synching a tighter circle of support around each woman.

Download your free set of Circle Questions here.

Read the blog post here.

Read about Mistakes to Avoid here

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