Here are some kind words from ministry leaders I’ve had the opportunity to work with, and participants at events I’ve spoken for:

God has gifted Shannon with a message that impacts women of all ages, whether new to faith or seasoned. She speaks with wisdom and humor, infusing Biblical characters with life that makes them relatable in new ways. She is passionate about caring for ladies and interacts with them, making each instantly feel like a new friend.

When speaking, Shannon engages audiences, leading them to make a step of faith. What is most impactful about Shannon’s ministry is that she is led by the Spirit to meet the needs of each group uniquely.  

– Debbie Jo Schwartz, formerly Women’s Ministry Events Director at Ada Bible Church

A true Bible Study teacher, Shannon is passionate about bringing powerful messages of inspiration to women. She is an expert storyteller and a delight to listen to.

Robyn Dykstra, Christian Speaker and Author of The Widow Wore Pink.

Shannon’s presentation was real, relatable, and tangible. I really feel like, wow, there is hope. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and I don’t have to control it. I was in counseling for eight months for anxiety/anger and nothing helped; there was no relief. In one hour, it isn’t perfect, but I have finally come to realize what the issue is and I have learned more about myself and what God wants of me than ever before. It’s nice to hear that I’m not alone in this struggle and that it can be fixed, without medication, but with Jesus.                                                                                                                         – A MOPS attendee.

Women of all ages have come to me after our weekend retreat with Shannon and have told me how much they enjoyed hearing her speak. Shannon’s relatable stories and her humor kept us engaged and helped us to look introspectively into how we try to control our lives while she equipped us with the tools we need to let go of that control and become a “Jesus girl”. Shannon was so attentive to the women the entire weekend.  She engaged them in conversation prior to the start of the event and then throughout each day of the event. Shannon took the time to talk one-on-one and pray with many women at the retreat. It was an absolute pleasure working with Shannon as she is very approachable, accommodating, and clearly focused on doing work for His kingdom!

 Kim Joslin, Women’s Ministry Director, Huntley, IL 

When Shannon spoke on “Control Girl”, she described my life and my eyes were opened to my controlling ways. God’s Word flowed through Shannon in such a gentle, loving, and relatable way that my heart was soft and open for such sweet conviction.  I will forever be grateful for how God’s hand worked in my life when Shannon spoke.

  – Sarah Koetsier, group leader at High Pointe Community Church, Byron Center, MI.

Shannon’s talk is one of the best I’ve heard. I can’t get it out of my head which is a very good thing! I love that our MOPS moms were challenged to consider what a ‘Control Girl’ looks like and whether they might be one. Shannon did a great job interacting with the women and getting them involved in practical ways to move from being master controllers to a place of sweet surrender. In the midst of that she went back to the Garden to beautifully share the Gospel message. Shannon is fun and entertaining while giving great advice and Biblical wisdom. 

– Susan Sorenson, Pastoral Staff, Calvary Church, Grand Rapids, MI 

I was really convicted by what Shannon had to say to our MOPS group.  I realized that my fears or desire to protect those I love can result in my trying to control them and the circumstances surrounding them.  I was not alone…it resonated with everyone in my group.  But conviction is only the beginning and can leave us feeling guilty, so I appreciated her suggestions for steps we can take in turning the other direction and surrendering our will to God’s control.  The follow-up-meditations she shared will give us further opportunity to consider and pray how God may want to further change us.

 Donna DeGraaf, MOPS mentor mom, Chapel Pointe, Hudsonville, MI.

The way Shannon presented, last month, on serving our husbands, children, etc. as serving the Lord has totally stuck with me. While my attitude and position towards caring for my family had been (and still us) undergoing a transformation, the way Shannon presented it is with me every morning when I wake up. I count it a joy to get up in the night with my boys (even though I just want to sleep), and rock my youngest when he’s not feeling well. I count it a blessing to be able to stay home and care for our home and fix meals. I look at it as a gift to teach my boys to take of themselves. Shannon was a blessing to my heart!

– Karla Ryan, Kilpatrick MOPS, Woodland, MI 

Shannon Popkin just spoke to our MOPS group for the third year in a row.  We normally do not repeat speakers year to year, but she has been a favorite and was requested each year.  Each topic Shannon has spoken on has been relevant to a young mom, striving to grow in her relationship with Christ.  When the ladies in my group noticed that Shannon was speaking again this year, they recalled her message last year, and its relevance in their life. Shannon gives great discussion questions for small groups after she speaks, and then walks around and participates in the discussion.

 – Karen Dykstra, MOPS mentor, Chapel Pointe, Hudsonville, MI

What a great message Shannon shared! We had a lot of great feedback. Her tone and gentleness in the way she spoke was so comforting and not intimidating in the least. 

Lisa Stauffer, MOPS Sunshine Church, Grand Rapids, MI

Aside from the gospel message, Shannon’s words about teaching my kids to tremble before God were the most important I have ever heard.  They changed the way I live my life and the way I thought about God and ALL of his attributes. Just as important, they changed the way my husband and I are raising our kids.  I am so thankful Shannon has let God use her to bring this message to our family, and I CANNOT wait to hear her speak again! 

– Amy O’Keefe, Moms & More Director, Grand Ledge Baptist Church, Grand Ledge, MI

When Shannon spoke to our group, she was refreshing, clear, and funny. She shared personal examples that were both humorous and touching. She has a way of connecting with women and inspiring them to evaluate their lives under the light of God’s truth.

 Gail Wilson, Ministry Leadership, First Baptist Church, Mt. Pleasant, MI 

Shannon is a very funny, very gifted storyteller but it doesn’t stop there – she loves the Lord with all her heart and desires to serve Him! Shannon speaks truth in love and always leaves her audience with a relevant application and challenge to grow in one’s faith.

– Collen Linder, Women’s Ministry Director, Grand Rapids, MI 

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