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Video Greeting from Shannon
A Note to Leaders
Chapter Meditation Charts
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Video Greeting from Shannon:

Ministry leaders, in this one minute video, I’ll make two promises about Control Girl:

A Note to Leaders:

Dear Leader,

I’m so thankful for your sweet service to our Lord, and your desire to lead others to follow Him more closely. Your job is so important! Especially as we talk about moving in a new direction: from Control Girls to Jesus Girls.

As we study the stories of seven controlling women in the Bible, we’ll be looking for two things:

  1. Warnings and lessons for ourselves.
  2. New insights about God.

Yet our goal is broader than just knowing new things. We want to turn in a new direction because we see and know and believe what is true. And what is true about this subject of control? Here’s a brief summary that you are welcome to share with your women:

God did not design us to carry the burden of trying to control everything. When we try to, we only make everyone miserable—ourselves included. And the only way we’ll ever find the deep security, peace, and hope we’re craving is when we do the opposite of taking control: when we surrender to God, and entrust our Happy Ending to Him.

May the Lord richly bless both you and your group as you step onto this path that leads from Control Girl to Jesus Girl.


Chapter Meditation Charts

Hopefully you’ve already checked out the free, downloadable meditation cards, which are available for each lesson of the book! Those are great for individual use. But these charts are designed especially for your group time! 

We’ve compiled each chapter’s meditations, key verses, and prayers into one handy chart for you. The chart offers an easy point of reference during your discussion, and makes it easy to say (for example), “Which meditation do you want to focus most on in the coming week?”

You may print these out and distribute however you like:

Chapter 1 Meditations
Chapter 2 Meditations
Chapter 3 Meditations
Chapter 4 Meditations
Chapter 5 Meditations
Chapter 6 Meditations
Chapter 7 Meditations
Chapter 8 Meditations

Reviews from Other Leaders

Control Girl is a powerful Bible Study for a group of women.  Shannon’s book led us gently through different controlling behaviors and I am thankful to God for her grace-filled insights.  We learned much and have all been filled with the desire to CHANGE and be Jesus Girls.  You will see yourself in the book and will want to leave a legacy of surrender, peace, trust and love – not control, crabbiness, anxiety, anger, and manipulation.  You won’t be disappointed if you choose Control Girl as your next women’s group study.

Sara Moll, Rock Church, Lincoln, NE

Control Girl is a very enticing study for all women who either are Control Girls or struggle with Control Girls in their life. The mix of personal stories and stories of Bible women keeps readers “in the Word”, yet not too  intimidated if they haven’t done Bible studies previously.

The lesson sections makes each chapter easily studied over the course of a week with grace for today’s busy women. The tools that Shannon provides as additional options – coloring book, prayer cards, leader’s guide – are effective supplements. At the beginning of our group meeting, we did read aloud the bible verses as cited in the leader’s guide, which refreshed the message that we were getting ready to talk about. I found that 1.5 hours per session was sufficient to cover the chapter, leader’s guide questions, and discussion. My group had 8 members which I thought was ideal.

Feedback from my group: the choice of Biblical women in the book were spot on – some were surprising Control Girls that made the group read the Bible in a new way. Several group members reported this book “transformed” them, so be ready for that! One member’s husband is going to read the book next, so don’t rule out men trying to understand the Control Girl in their life.

Bethany France, Cornerstone Church, Caledonia, MI

If you are looking for a remarkably challenging and life-changing book to use for a ladies ministry group study, I highly recommend Control Girl by author, Shannon Popkin. The author has a strikingly impressive manner in biblically identifying the effects of control and challenges the reader throughout the book to truly surrender to the One who is in control.

I appreciate the author’s transparency and her willingness and ability to speak of and relate to real life experiences that penetrate right to the soul. Shannon provides beneficial tools to utilize throughout the study such as the leaders guide and the powerful meditation cards. I highly recommend using the meditation cards as the author has done an amazing job of pulling “the guts” from each chapter and placing those truths on one sheet to carry with you to serve as a daily reminder of God’s truth and promises.

Tammy Wylie, GBC, Gettysburg, PA