Christmas Shopping: “One for you and one…”

I was shopping at Target, when a dad entered the store with his two kids, pushing a big red cart. The kids, who were very enthusiastic shoppers, darted over near me to look at some of the displays with bright-eyed expressions. You could tell that this dad had done a...

The ‘Good’ in Good Friday

When we moved, a few years ago, one of our kids was especially distraught. He said, “But I prayed that God would bring a friend to live on our street, and he did! So I think that means we’re supposed to stay on our street.” Basically, his theology...

A Second Grader’s Resolution

My son’s second grade New Year’s Resolution went like this: I will not refuse to eat granola bars all year long. Wow. Now, that would take some gumption, eh?  Looking back, I’m confident he made his goal. After all, a granola bar is just a cookie...

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