Control Girl:

Lessons on Surrendering Your Burden of Control from Seven Women in the Bible

Control is a common struggle for women. We clamp down, grip tighter, and dig our heels in- not because we’re trying to be exasperating. We’re just trying to make it all turn out right! Yet God patiently invites us to the security, peace, and hope that come from reminding ourselves that He is in control, so we don’t have to be.

Control Girl is a Bible study, which delves into the stories of seven women in the Bible who also struggled with control. The book is designed to work well for both the individual and groups. If you’re a women’s ministry director, or interested in gathering a group of friends to do the study with you, we have everything you need to get started at the Leader’s page.

Why Study Women of the Bible?

I suppose I could have written a book about seven controlling women from our day (there would surely be no shortage!), and what God’s word says about their issues and problems. But studying seven women of the Bible offers us two advantages.

First, we get to see how their stories turned out! We can flip forward in our Bibles and see how God settled each of the things these women were fretting or fuming about. Second, we get to see God’s perspective on their stories. We get to listen in on the very conversations that they had with God himself! Each story offers warnings, lessons, and new insights as we consider our own stories.

Chapters Preview

Control Girl, has nine chapters. In chapter 1, we’ll consider our control-craving hearts, and where they are leading us. In chapters 2-8,, we’ll study our seven Bible women. Then, chapter 9 is thick with application. We’ll consider the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit and what it means to give God control in our moment-by-moment living.

  • Chapter 1 Path of a Control Girl
  • Chapter 2 Eve: It Looked Good to Me
  • Chapter 3 Sarah: It’s Up to Me
  • Chapter 4 Hagar: Out from Under Her Control
  • Chapter 5 Rebekah: Standing in for God
  • Chapter 6 Leah: Invisible and Unloved
  • Chapter 7 Rachel: When She Has More
  • Chapter 8 Miriam: Taking the Lead
  • Chapter 9 Control Girl to Jesus Girl

How the Book is Arranged


Each chapter is divided into “lessons”.  I know that sometimes you’re on a time budget, and I wanted you to be able to engage a complete train of thought as you consider the chapters part-by-part.

Each lesson begins with a Bible passage. Please, oh please, don’t skip this part! I wouldn’t want you to miss what God has to say to you, directly. There were oh so many things that I couldn’t include in this book, but they are waiting- there in the pages of your Bible- to be discovered by you.

Each lesson also concludes with application questions. Please don’t skip over these either! This is where change happens–as you apply the truth you’ve just considered for yourself as an individual. You’ll want to have a notebook to record your responses, further study, and thoughts or prayers.


At the conclusion of each lesson is a meditation – an encapsulated truth, verse, and prayer from the lesson. So often we say God is in control, but live like we are. If you’re serious about inviting God to change you, these meditations will help you replace wrong thinking with right thinking about God, yourself, and others. You can also download FREE (printable and shareable!) meditation cards – one for each lesson in the book – here.

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Thanks for opening Control Girl, and letting me remind you that God is in control! (So you don’t have to be.)


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