Control Girl to Jesus Girl: Michelle’s Cancelled Adoption Story

During this twelve week series, I’m sharing stories of women who are on the path from Control Girl to Jesus Girl. Like me, these women would not say that they’ve arrived. They can’t claim to be perfectly Christ-like. But they are heading in a new direction.

Michelle’s dreams of growing her family were crushed when her husband decided that it would not be wise to move forward in an adoption process. Michelle tells her story of surrender.

Instead of bringing it up to her husband, Michelle learnted to lift it up to God. From nagging wife to praying wife, Michelle learned that peace comes from surrendering your burden of control.

Is there some dream you have for the future? Some Happy Ending all worked out in your head? While God never promises to make everything turn out just the way we hoped or expected, He promises peace, security, and joy when we choose to lay down our burden of trying to control everything. Michelle experienced it. You can too!

Control Girl to Jesus Girl series:

Come learn from other women who are on the path from Control Girl to Jesus Girl. Learn from their mistakes and take hope from the future they are embarking on:

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