Elizabeth: From Anxious Perfectionism to Settled Peace

During this twelve week series, I’m sharing stories of women who are on the path from Control Girl to Jesus Girl. Like me, these women would not say that they’ve arrived. They can’t claim to be perfectly Christ-like. But they are heading in a new direction.

Not all of the stories in this series will be shared by video, but I was blessed to have Elizabeth share at the Kregel Parable Release Party. Though her emotions were raw, and she claims that speaking is not “her thing” (I disagree), she has given me permission to share this publicly.

Here’s Elizabeth’s story about how perfectionism ruined her peace and stole her joy: 

“Control only temporarily soothed my anxiety. I strived to be this perfect juggler-always keeping every ball in the air. When one would drop–which it always did–my anxiety over what people would think and over how I felt about my perceived weaknesses only compounded my guilt and my shame.

I worked harder to quickly grab that ball that I dropped and throw it back into my routine, and I believed that this was my role–as a mother, social worker, daughter, wife… Yet while I was busy controlling the show to ensure a flawless routine, my fear of judgment and my ridiculous expectations of self led to something very different behind the curtain. My family no longer wanted to be part of the show…”

Listen to the rest here:

Do you find yourself, like Elizabeth, in a lonely, painful, vulnearable place, trembling under the weight of your own fear of judgment and ridiculous expectations for yourself? Perhaps the Lord is saying to you (as He did to Elizabeth), “Now? Now, will you trust me?”

Your Father invites you to lay down your burden of perfectionism, and find the peace, security, and hope that come–not from taking up control, but from laying it down.

Are You a Control Girl?

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Control Girl to Jesus Girl series:

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