Are you a Control Girl?

For  years, I failed to see that I had any control issues at all. I thought of myself as invested. Concerned. Just trying to help. I only took matters into my own hands because I cared so much! The last word I would have chosen to describe myself was “controlling”. Besides, nobody told me outright that I was controlling–not even my husband. Yet, there were signs….

Anger, anxiety, fear, perfectionism… They were all erupting from a heart that craved control.

Does this sound like you?

If so, don’t despair. I have good news for you AND I have tools to help. Come take the quiz to find out more.

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Brave Moms, Brave Kids by Lee NienHuis

It's sharing week! All week long, I'll be sharing some of my friends' amazing new resources. First up is my friend, Lee Nienhuis's new book, Brave Moms, Brave Kids. Lee is such an exceptional, insightful, wise, sweet person. I just know you’re going to love her new...

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A Prisoner, a Place Mat, and a Little Girl

Whenever I speak on "Control Girl" at a full weekend day retreat, I like to begin Friday night's session by talking about providence, which the dictionary defines as: "God, especially when conceived as omnisciently, directing the universe and the affairs of humankind...

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Are you free of HER? (Series Wrap Up)

Hey, friend. So, how are you doing with that other Control Girl in your life? Have you found the freedom you long for? I wanted to do one more follow up post, and pull everything from this series titled, "How to be free from that other Control Girl" all in one...

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Taking it All off My Shoulders

My guest today is Pearl Allard. I met Pearl, first when I spoke at her church, and then we've become fast friends when she attended the Breathe Writer's Conference in Grand Rapids, and then helped on my book's Launch Team.  If you followed my launch at all last year,...

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Step 5: Kneel on Level Ground

This last Surrender Step to Freedom has to do with your posture. From which position do you look at that other Control Girl's issues? Are you standing over her in judgment, cowering under her in fear, or kneeling beside her in prayer? Now, I know, I know.There's no...

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Step 4: Ask Good Questions

Here’s the next post in my series, “How to be Free of that Other Control Girl". You can sign up here to have this 6 part series delivered to your inbox. Question Strategy It can be difficult to communicate with the other Control Girl in your life. Especially if she's...

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