Are you a control girl?

First of all, you should be commended on your willingness to engage the question. Many women avoid it.

For years, I saw myself as having the best of intentions. I took matters into my own hands because I cared so much! I was invested! The last word I would have chosen to describe myself was “controlling”. Besides, nobody else told me outright that I was controlling–not even my husband. Yet, there were signs….

Anger, anxiety, fear, perfectionism…

Does this sound like you?

If so, don’t despair. I have good news for you AND I have tools to help.

From the Blog

Step 1: Let God Write the End of the Story

Here's post 2 in the series, "How to be Free of that Other Control Girl". You can sign up here to have this 6 part series   delivered to your inbox. My friend “Sydney” longs to have a close relationship with her mother-in-law, “June”. Sydney has always wondered if she...

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How to Be Free of that *Other* Control Girl

“I need help on how to handle my mother-in-law,” a young woman named Clara confided. “She’s the Control Girl in our family.” I was the guest speaker at Clara’s church, and had just finished talking about the burden of control, and how it devastates relationships....

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Respecting When He Doesn’t Seem Respectable

Here's one of my recent posts, featured on the True Woman blog--a ministry of Revive Our Hearts.  A few months after we got married, my husband and I took the five-hour trip to go visit my parents over Labor Day weekend. While we were there, my mom made the offhanded...

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Why I Speak (Especially at Christmas)

Back when my son was about four, we were driving in the car one day listening to a tape of our friend, Chris Brauns, preaching. (Yes, a tape. This was a while ago...) From behind me in his car seat, Cade asked, "Is that Pastor Chris?" I said that yes, it was. Cade...

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Simple Gifts in Jesus’ Hands

Here's one of my recent posts, featured last spring on the True Woman blog--a ministry of Revive Our Hearts.  “You give them something to eat,” Jesus said (Luke 9:13). But the disciples had nothing to give. They were in a desolate place, away from civilization. Five...

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Finding Freedom in the Mirror

Here is on one of my recent posts, featured last spring on the True Woman blog (a ministry of Revive Our Hearts).  Early on in life, my relationship with food was closely tied to my relationship with the mirror. As a teen, I used to lock the bathroom door and stand on...

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