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Hi, friend. Thanks for letting me introduce myself.

I’m Shannon Popkin. I’m happy to be sharing life with Ken, who makes me laugh every day. This summer we celebrated our 20th anniversary. Together, we live the fast paced life of parenting three teens. When I’m not taking pictures from the sidelines at my kids’ sporting events, I love to be opening my front door to friends and family.

Our family, hiking in Colorado, August 2015

Here on my blog, I share stories from my life as a wife and mom, which I hope will make you smile, and will encourage you to follow Jesus more closely. I also share my posts from the other sites that I contribute to regularly, or as a one time guest. Occasionally, I give author or speaker updates as well, just to keep you in the loop.

My writing has also been published by a number of magazines, such as Family Fun, Thriving Family, P31 Woman Magazine, MOMSense, and Focus on the Family Magazine. I’m also excited about my new book, coming in January ’17: Control Girl: Putting God in Charge of My Happy Ending will be published by Kregel Publications in January, 2017.

As a speaker, I love combining my love for humor and storytelling and with my passion for Jesus. I speak for ladies’ events, retreats, and MOPS groups. (More info here.)

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The Power of Stories

I’ve always loved a good story. I first tested out the power of storytelling, back in second grade, when some younger kids were infringing on a playground “tree fort” that my girlfriends and I had claimed as our personal property. I scared these pesky kids away with a story about Martians in the nearby woods, who were hypnotizing young children with flashlights and carrying them off to their hidden spaceship in the woods.

“See?” I said, pointing over to where the sunlight reflected on the shimmery leaves that bordered our play ground. “Look how the lights twinkle over there in the woods? That’s the Martians’ flashlights!”

Soon, parents of frightened children were calling the office. It seems that none of the younger kids wanted to walk through the woods anymore, on the trail that led to their neighborhood. They wanted to walk the long way home, which took an extra 20 minutes or so.

The principal was unimpressed by my gift for storytelling, but the other tree fort members and I knew better! (There may be some “Control Girl” tendencies beginning to unfold in this story, as well!)

Now that I’m grown up, I still love telling stories just as much as I did in second grade, but my goal is no longer to ward off unwelcome guests! Now, I long to draw others closer–not to a tree fort, or to myself, but to the Author of the One True Story: God.

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